Ronaldo or Messi

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Messi and Ronaldo have blessed our eyes with almost 2 decades worth of beautiful football. Their greatness is not in doubt but the manner in which we differentiate the greater player between the two seems to be unreliable.

Dust is definitely afraid to dwell in their trophy cabinets as Messi has 34 trophies whilst his counterpart has 33 trophies having won his latest yesterday in the Supercoppa. Their individual honours are also a great testament to their greatness with Ronaldo boasting 5 ballon d’ors and 4 European golden boots among various other categories of individual honours. Messi on the other hand has 6 Ballon D’ors and 6 European golden boots.

Messi posing behind his 6 Ballon D’ors

Their goal involvement is so unbelievable that it leaves one pondering whether the two are actually human beings. At the time of writing Ronaldo has 760 goals and 222 assists in 1040 games, making him the top goalscorer in football history. Messi has been involved in a total of 1021 goals in 895 games ( 719 goals and 302 assists) giving him a greater goal involvement compared to his counterpart’s.

Ronaldo Celebrating his first Supercoppa after his 760th goal win the game

Ronaldo is known as Mr Champion League because he holds a staggering 12 records in the said competition alone – including most final wins and most goals scored in the competition. One of Messi’s most astonishing goals record – aside from the most goals for a single club-is the one he achieved in 2012 when he score 91 goals in a calendar year.

Ronaldo Holding his fifth Champions League trophy

Usually Messi faithfuls lean towards the fact that their favourite has the most Ballon D’ors and golden boots to prove that he is the better of the two and the best in football history and Ronaldo fans say their favourite is the G.O.A.T because he has international trophies-whilst Messi has none- and Ronaldo has the most UCL titles to his name in the history of football.

Who is the better of the two? This matter is very much similar to beauty as it is a very subject topic. It almost impossible to pick the ultimate G.O.A.T between the two without having a little bit of a biased mind. The best is the one you favour.

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